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Instruction for applying foil transfers
1.  Set your press between 375 and 400.
2.  Make sure you using firm tension.
3.  Preheat garment for 7 seconds, let cool a few seconds.
4.  Position design transfer (image side down).
5.  Heat for 6 to 8 seconds.
6.  Lift  handle just enough to release tension only at first, then SLOWLY raise the
.... handle up so air does not lift edges of the transfer paper.
7.  let cool for a few seconds, peel transfer.
8.  Place the foil sheet onto the image area (gray side down)
9.  Cover foil completely with a teflon sheet (Recommend) or parchment paper.
10. Heat for 8 to 10 seconds.
11. After opening press let foil cool down completely, then peel.

Due to the wide variety of heat presses, printing times may vary. Always

preform a test printing on similar material before starting a production run.


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